Cundiff Genealogy

Some facts, some guesses

If you happen to have a “hit” please contact me!


  1. James Cundiff was born about 1610-20 in York, England, and died after 1639, in Billing, England/unknown wife
  2. Richard Cundiff I, born about 1638 in York, England, and died about 1723/24, in Northumberland Co., Virginia. The identity of the wife of Richard Cundiff I is also unknown
  3. Richard Cundiff II before 1689 Northumberland Co., Virginia/The identity of his wife is also unknown.
  4. John Cundiff 1725 Virginia/Virginia Sarah Young
  5. Isaac Cundiff 1759 Prince William Co., Virginia and Mary Echols Cundiff, in Bedford Co., Virginia
  6. Christopher Cundiff 1789/Sarah Cundiff 1797 Bedford County, VA
  7. Pleasant R. Cundiff 1815 Pulaski County, KY/Susan Stanton (married on Feb. 12, 1835) — his second marriage: Christina S. McCollen married in 1853 Hardin County KY
  8. Francis M. Cundiff (I show him as D.F.M. Cundiff) 1846 Hardin County, KY/Mary J. Camelin 1845 Larue County KY Second wife: Mary A. Web on Feb. 1, 1892 (b.June 17, 1864)
  9. William Joseph Cundiff 1866/Missouri Ellen Bewley 1873 Hardin County KY
  10. George Roy Cundiff 1911/Edith May Hugill 1913
  11. G.R. “Scott” Cundiff/Jacqueline German
    sister: Susan Cundiff
  12. my son: Scott R. Cundiff/Cherie Crouch