Cundiff, Texas


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Yes, there is a town named Cundiff in Texas. Cundiff is located about 65 miles north west of Fort Worth on farm to market road 1810 between Chico and Jacksboro in Jack county. You won’t find it on most maps because there is no longer a post office or school there. It looked as though there might have been 10 or 15 people living there. There is a thriving little Baptist Church, a volunteer fire department, and a cemetery.

I talked with a gentleman who was born in Cundiff and has lived there all his life. He was so kind as to send me a write up on the history of Cundiff. The townsite plat of Cundiff was mapped January 1, 1892. The townsite was owned by Walker Moore and “Mr. Cundiff” (no first name ever given). Mr. Cundiff represented Mr. Moore in property transactions and the town was named for Mr. Cundiff.

UPDATE: I received a note from Linda Terry of Prescott, AR who tells us: My ggrandfather William H. Cundiff lived near Chico. It has been my understanding the the town of Cundiff was named after him. He is buried at the cemetery in Chico. I would love to hear from anyone in that line.

I found a bit different story on the Handbook of Texas website. According to the article there, settlement of the area began in the mid-1850s and Harrell Cundiff was one of the first settlers.

At one time Cundiff had a Post Office, barber shop, blacksmith, doctor’s office, and drug store. The Methodist Church (no longer existing) was built in 1896. A tornado wrecked the school building which had been constructed in 1892. The school was rebuilt in 1918 and used until 1947.


Land for Cundiff cemetery was conveyed to the community by Mr. Moore in 1892. However, so far as we could tell there are no Cundiffs burried there. In fact, aside from knowing the town was named for Mr. Cundiff there was no other Cundiff information to be found there. If you are looking for information on Cundiff cemetery, check out: (thanks to Bill Pults for this information).


If you happen to have any information on Cundiff, Texas please let me know and I will add that information to this web page. I would also be interested in hearing from you if you have any “hits” on my limited Cundiff family tree knowledge.

Of course, we couldn’t resist a few photos of Cundiff. Here they are for your enjoyment.