Devotional on Exodus

2013 – Tombigbee State Park – Tupelo, MS – road to the park

May I ask who is calling?
Exodus 3: “I AM WHO I AM.”
When Moses meets the Almighty at the burning bush the Lord commissions him to lead the Hebrew people out of slavery. These people know about the “God of Abraham” but after generations in Egypt they also know that there are other gods to take into account. In fact, the gods of Egypt seem to have the upper hand. After all, they’re slaves and the Egyptians are their masters. Moses asks the God of Abraham “When I tell my fellow Hebrews about you, who do I say is acting on their behalf?” The answer has become a source of discussion for students of theology for thousands of years now. God says, “Just tell them ‘I AM WHO I AM’ sent you.” So what’s the meaning of this name? My first response is that God is saying, “I am the One who always exists – who simply ‘IS.’” However, some suggest that the answer is more along the lines of, “They will know WHO I AM by WHAT I DO.” They say that the answer isn’t about time. Rather, it’s about action. I firmly believe “GOD IS” but I also know “GOD DOES.” It’s God-in-action who is the star in this story.
Take Away: The Bible is all about God, WHO he is and WHAT he does.

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