Devotional on Ezekiel

The story continues
Ezekiel 1: God’s hand came upon him that day.
Jeremiah’s story leads up to the fall of Israel to Babylon. We leave Jeremiah in Egypt with the handful of survivors who fled there after the destruction of Jerusalem. Now, as I turn the page, I find myself in the company of the majority who are exiled in Babylon. The clock has been turned back a bit as I join those taken in the first stage of the exile. The destruction of Jerusalem is still ten years away. This particular group of refugees has been settled along the Kebar River, southwest of city of Babylon. Their beloved Jerusalem is now a distant memory; they’ll never return. It seems to them that their connection to the God of Abraham is severed. Simply put, they’ve failed the Almighty and the Almighty has kicked them out. Their religion has focused on the Temple and now they’ll never see it again. It’s time to move on. Interestingly, they aren’t very far from the place where God first spoke to their ancestor, Abraham in the town of Ur, just to the east of them. They’re about to find out that God isn’t limited by location and he doesn’t need a Temple as a headquarters. This God who spoke to Abraham promising their very existence, is about to speak to them. A young priest named Ezekiel will take up where Jeremiah left off as God’s spokesman to his people.
Take Away: The Lord isn’t limited by location and he doesn’t need a Temple as a headquarters.

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