Devotional on Ezekiel

A speck of light in an otherwise dark sky
Ezekiel 28: They’ll live in safety. They’ll build houses.
For the next year or so after the unmourned death of his wife, the prophet Ezekiel turns his attention to the nations associated with Israel. God is displeased with them too and therefore judgment is coming to the whole region. The nation of Tyre, especially, is a target of Ezekiel’s condemnation. As Ezekiel finishes up with Tyre and Sidon, and just before he turns his attention to the juggernaut that’s Egypt, there’s a short paragraph concerning Israel. In an almost off hand way the Lord describes a renewed Israel that shines like a jewel among the nations, living in safety even as all the nations around are in turmoil. I think that if this paragraph was elsewhere that it wouldn’t get my attention. However, being here, surrounded by words of condemnation and judgment I find it very uplifting; something to hold on to. I also think this is a reflection of life. We know that each life has its share of trouble: days of pain and hurt and betrayal. In the darkness a tiny light shines like a beacon. This passage may not shine like John 3:16, but in this setting its light seems brighter than it would otherwise. And in the darkness of life, I want to keep my eyes open for that small light shining in the dark place giving me something to hold on to. Take Away: Even in the hardship of life God’s people have hope.

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