Devotional on Isaiah

The real thing
Isaiah 55: Hey there! All who are thirsty, come to the water!
I like to drink my share of coffee and enjoy a diet Dr. Pepper once in a while. But when I’m really thirsty, I reach for a glass of water. Nothing quenches my thirst like a glass of cool, sparkling water. Spiritually speaking, there’s thirst-quenching water. I can turn to a million substitutes that promise satisfaction, but they’ll all let me down. For some reason, though, I tend to turn to almost anything but the Real Thing. No, I’m not talking about Coca-Cola! Into the market place of life Isaiah comes, shouting out his message of hope to those who’ve tried everything else yet are still dissatisfied with life. His message reminds us that there’s a genuine Source of satisfaction. That Source isn’t a “thing.” Rather, it’s a “Person.” Are you thirsty? Come to the water. His name is Jesus.
Take Away: Only Jesus, the “living water,” satisfies the soul.

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