Devotional on Jeremiah

God’s telling the truth to lost people
Jeremiah 3: I’m committed in love to you.
The sins of Judah and Israel are described in graphic terms. Their idol worship has a sexual component and the Lord uses that imagery to speak of their betrayal of him in terms of adultery. He’s loved them and been faithful to them but they’ve betrayed that love and degraded themselves in the most lewd ways. If this were a husband and wife relationship no one would question the husband’s right to kick her out. It isn’t that way though. In spite of their unfaithfulness God calls out to them saying he’s committed to love them and that all they have to do is admit their sin and return to him. The imagery changes to that of a parent speaking to a rebellious child as the Lord says, “Come back wandering children.” Before Jesus ever tells the story of the prodigal son Jeremiah pictures for us a loving God reaching out to those who’ve rejected him, wounding his heart. On one hand, it’s foolish to presume upon the mercy of God, thinking, “When I’m good and ready I’ll return to him.” On the other hand, it’s an insult to him to say, “I’ve sinned in such a terrible way that he won’t take me back.” God says he’s “committed in love to” us. He promises that if I repent and return he’ll welcome me back. To doubt that is to think that God doesn’t tell the truth.
Take Away: God is the God of Second Chances.

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