Devotional on Jeremiah

One more Bible study will do it
Jeremiah 8: They know everything but God’s Word.
My immediate reaction upon reading this line is that it’s a call to spend more time studying the Scriptures. After all, Bible study is a good thing; at least I hope so since I spend a lot of my time doing it. To be honest though, I don’t think that’s what Jeremiah is talking about. His listeners know what their Scriptures say and consider themselves to be “owners of God’s revelation.” In other words, they know the Scriptures and claim they’re written just for them. The problem isn’t that they don’t read God’s Word. Rather, it’s that they don’t listen to the word of the Lord! Through Jeremiah the Almighty is shouting out at them, trying to get their attention. They’re going in the wrong direction and need to turn around before it’s too late. While they’re faithfully going to Bible studies they’re ignoring what the Lord’s saying to them at that very moment! What an important reminder for us today. We have our KJV’s and our NIV’s and our NASB’s, and yes, our copies of The Message. We tune in to TBN or Sky Angel, listen to our Christian radio station, and then attend our Bible Studies. That’s just fine, in fact, that’s great. However, when the Lord bypasses all that stuff and speaks to our hearts what are we doing with it? Jeremiah says that even though they’re good at learning what the Scripture says they’re terrible at listening to the Lord when he speaks. Are we, and am I, doing the same?
Take Away: All the Bible study in the world won’t compensate for our ignoring what the Lord is saying to us this very moment.

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