Devotional on Jeremiah

Commanded by God not to pray
Jeremiah 11: I don’t want you praying for this people.
In Jeremiah 11 the literary style changes from mostly poetic to mostly prose. God has a talk with Jeremiah about his ministry. It’s here that Jeremiah is given a frightening command. God says, “Don’t pray for these people…I’m not going to listen.” I find that command as chilling as icy wind on a bleak winter day. Grace has been withdrawn and hope is dead. God says to them, “I have pronounced doom on you.” Once that bridge has been crossed it’s too late to pray. The Lord explains to Jeremiah that there are things happening beyond his view. Jeremiah says, “I had no idea what was going on” even concerning schemes against him, personally. In this case the withdrawal of grace is for a specific people and time. Later on Jesus makes it clear that God’s grace is available to “whoever believes.” On one hand, my realization of this brings me a sense of relief and I’m glad that I don’t live in a “don’t pray for these people” time in history. On the other hand, I’m reminded that there are clouds on the horizon. Personally, we each are promised a day when we’ll breathe our last and our future will be sealed. Beyond that, at a time “we do not know” the curtain of God’s grace is going to fall on history. What I do with the offer of grace now will make an eternal difference then.
Take Away: It’s foolish to treat our relationship with the Lord with anything short of a sense of urgency.

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