Devotional on Matthew

Going fishing

Matthew 4: I’ll show you how to catch men and women instead of perch and bass.

I almost wish Jesus hadn’t used the words he used concerning “fishing for men.” Generally speaking, our view of fishing is different than was theirs. These men fish for a living. Today, the average person fishes for fun. We use rods and reels and try to trick the unsuspecting fish into taking the bait. When we catch a big fish we take a picture so we can show our friends our catch. For us it’s sport, a nice pastime. Reaching the lost isn’t about sport and we aren’t to try to trick the lost into the Kingdom of God. Our motivation is the love and compassion for the lost that flows through our lives. The problem isn’t that Jesus said the wrong thing as much as it is that we filter it through our own experience. The result is sometimes less than he intended.

Take Away: Evangelism is about love and compassion and concern and not about “catching people.”

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