Devotional on Revelation

When’s the best time to pray?

Revelation 8: Smoke billowed up from the incense-laced prayers of the holy ones.

The seventh seal marks, not the end, but the beginning of a series of judgments about the fall on the earth. Things are about to get bad, with huge events coming to earth, each announced by the blast of a trumpet. The sober nature of these events is underscored as a foreboding silence falls in heaven. Before that first trumpet blast John sees an angel carrying a gold censer. The scene in heaven is one of worship at the Temple and the angel with the censor is in the role of priest. The offering, made with incense, is the prayers of God’s people. Even as the judgment of God is about to be poured out on the earth, the prayers of his people are heard. Obviously, there’s a lot going on in this passage and Bible scholars are pressed to the limit to explain all the symbolism. I don’t claim to have any deep insight into the meaning here. However, I do note that before bad things ever start happening that God’s people are praying and that he’s listening to their prayers. While I doubt that the purpose of this passage is to encourage prayer I do see here an example of the importance of it. Of course we should pray when “something like a huge mountain…is flung into the sea” of our lives. However, it’s a good idea to already do some praying before such earth shaking events (literally in this case) start happening. God’s people need to pray before, during, and after unwelcome life events.

Take Away: Prayer matters.

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  1. Hi Pastor Scott – I saw your recent note that the daily emails of these devotionals is soon going to end. I understand that most things must come to an end sooner or later. I want you to know I’ve enjoyed reading them. I appreciate that you took the risk of ‘putting yourself out there’ as well as the effort that is required. I’ve never met you, only know you through your blog and writings, but I appreciate your perspective on the scriptures and life. My wife and I will be hitting the road full time later this summer – perhaps we’ll find ourselves in the same campground some day. God bless!

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