Devotional on Zechariah

A wonderful promise
Zechariah 2: A wall of fire around…and a radiant presence within.
When the exiles arrived at Jerusalem they found a city in ruins, uninhabitable. They went to work rebuilding their city and its protective wall. In fact, there’s a book of the Bible, Nehemiah, which is almost completely focused on the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem. Now, Zachariah is told that, due to the Lord’s blessing, Jerusalem’s going to outgrow its walls. There’s no need to fear though, because God, himself, is going to be a wall of fire around that city, protecting it from all invaders. The prophet adds that, even better, God’s presence is going to be burning inside the city as well. I know that these words are spoken to the Israelites as a nation and not as individuals. Indeed, it’s a wonderful promise to these exiles as they labor to re-establish themselves in this land that was promised to them centuries earlier. Still, I can’t help but internalize this promise. The Lord is with me. He surrounds me with his presence. Nothing comes into my life that he doesn’t allow. Meanwhile, in my heart, I enjoy the “radiant presence” of the Lord. He protects me and he blesses me. I know that in a Christian sense, the passage is rightly applied to the bride of Christ, the Church. Still, it’s a terrific promise to take to heart and I’m thankful for it today.
Take Away: Thank the Lord for his protection and his blessings.

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