In 2005 I was thinking about ways to enhance time I spent in God’s Word. Through the years I had read the Bible in various translations, used different devotional guides, etc. I felt that rather than reading several pages each day that I needed to slow down and reflect more on what I was reading.

Writing has always been a way for me to think through things. As I prepare sermons I don’t write a manuscript, but I do a lot of writing which helps me organize my thoughts. I decided I would read my Bible each day until something caught my attention. At that point I would stop reading and write my thoughts about it.

At first, these were strictly personal thoughts and I had no intention of making them public. However, I ultimately decided that by posting them online I would not only be sharing my thoughts but I would have a thumb in my back to keep writing. I ended up posting the devotionals to not only my blog but to Facebook and Google+ as well.

A few years later, I self published my devotionals, ultimately in four volumes. I basically gave them away, setting the prices at the minimum allowed. Several have bought the books, but many more read them daily online.

When I finally came to the end of Revelation I decided to go back to Genesis, repeating the devotionals day by day, sometimes editing them for clarity or just to fix a typo. I think all my devotionals have now been published on a daily basis three times.

This time, as I came to the end of Revelation I decided enough is enough. The daily publications have now come to an end. My writing is still available on my website and in the book forms, both e-book and print.

Thanks to all who have read, made occasional comments, and clicked on Facebook “like.” Your words of encouragement are a real blessing to me.

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