Devotional on the Psalms

2019 – Chagrin Falls…just south of Cleveland, OH

Balancing the books
Psalm 10: God’s grace and order wins.
As did Job, the Psalmist considers the inequities of life. The wicked say, “God is dead” and continue down their evil paths. The Psalmist seeks God, knowing God is just and tries to understand how a just God can allow injustice to continue. He concludes that he hasn’t seen the end of it all yet. Sooner or later (and he hopes it’s sooner) God’s going to make things right. When he does, he says, the “orphans get parents” and the “homeless get homes.” That doesn’t mean I become a fatalist who makes no effort to right the wrongs in this world, but it does mean that I don’t get overwhelmed by it all and give up in despair. My best efforts will make a difference in the lives of those I minister to in the Name of the Lord, but a day is coming when the Lord will square every account. God will balance the books.
Take Away: The Lord has the last word in human affairs.

Devotional on Genesis

2006 – Kohala Mountain – HI

A work in progress
Genesis 31: But the God of my father hasn’t changed, he’s still with me.
Jacob the “heel grasper” has had the tables turned on him. His uncle, Laban, it seems, has some “use others as a stepping stone” tendencies himself. First, after Jacob has served him for seven years he’s tricked into marrying the wrong daughter! He ends up with both of Laban’s daughters as wives in a tension-filled household. The sisters even involve their maids in a sort of pitiful “make babies” contest. Laban then makes a deal with Jacob to work in exchange for livestock. The deal turns into a sweet one for Jacob so Laban just changes the contract – not once, but repeatedly. Meanwhile, God’s at work. When Jacob is treated unfairly God gives him a plan that will keep things fair. It’s at this point that Jacob, thinking of Laban’s changing rules, says “God hasn’t changed – he said he would stand by me and he has.” Jacob hasn’t yet arrived but he’s a work in progress. The Lord’s using the experiences of his life to teach Jacob about his faithfulness. The lesson Jacob is learning is the same one I’m learning. It isn’t that I’m always fairly treated or that things always go as I think they should. The steadying factor in my life is that God never changes and is ever faithful to me.
Take away: Life is often unfair and uncertain but God is always faithful.