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Memorial Day Thoughts

I think the issue of human freedom is a complex one, especially because it carries strong religious overtones and emotional responses.

We are indebted to those who have laid down their lives to preserve our freedoms. On Veteran’s Day we especially thank those who served, and on Memorial Day we especially remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in their service.

Our nation credits our Creator for our freedom: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” With that in mind, it is God who we thank for our freedoms.

On this day, we remember that it is God to whom our nation turns for the very idea of freedom. We ought to remember that, and as we remember, we need to remember those who gave their all to win and preserve what we believe the Almighty gave us.

Recording sermons and posting them on the Internet

Our church has been recording sermons and posting them on the Internet for some time now and thought I would share how we do it.

Part 1: recording the sermon

  1. Download and install the terrific and free program Audacity.  Get both the program and the mp3 encoder from the web site:
  2. Once you get it installed, press CTRL-P and set the audio quality to 22050Hz default sample rate with a format of 16-bit (this is for a sermon, so we don’t need to up the quality as though it is for a CD or even FM quality sound).
  3. Of course, you need a way to get the audio recorded, either through the line-in or the mic inputs on your sound card.
  4. Once recorded, and edited if necessary, do File/Export as Mp3 and save the sermon to your Desktop.

Part 2: putting the sermon on the internet

  1. Create a text file with just one line in it, the url of the sermon’s mp3 file.  For instance, if the name of the sermon’s mp3 file is “love.mp3” use your text editor to create a file with just this line in it:
  2. Save that text file as: love.m3u
  3. Now upload both the mp3 and the m3u files to the proper directory on your web site.
  4. One more thing: edit your web page to contain a link to the m3u file.
  5. Now, when a person clicks on that link, their mp3 player will open up and start streaming the audio of the sermon.
  6. You can see how this works at our church web site:

Of course, I am assuming that you have an understanding of ftp, web design, etc.  This information should get you started in the right direction.