Monthly Archives: January 2007

Passing of Ray Moore

I received word this week that Ray Moore passed away. Ray was a big part of the Showers of Blessing Nazarene radio program many years ago. He was a singer, educator, and fine Christian gentleman. I first knew Ray through our mutual interest in ham radio and have chatted with him many times through the years.

I invited him to our church in Louisiana and he brought a wonderful service in song. After the service one of our men commented to me, “Now, that’s class.” I think he had it right.

When I went to Olivet, Ray had already left the school, but while there, he had had a big hand in the beginning of the broadcast radio station there. I worked at that station and fell in love with radio.

Later on, because of that interest, I got involved in Amateur Radio, and then met Ray. Today, I am not too active in ham radio but I am, once again doing broadcast radio. Ray Moore had a hand in that, even though I had already started that journey before I ever met him.

In search of Mediocrity

Keith Drury has a thought provoking article: In search of Mediocrity — he reminds us that most of us live somewhere in the middle and specifically talks about Churches, Marriage, and Spiritual Passion. Here’s his take on churches in middle:

“I think ordinary churches deserve more praise. I’m talking about churches in the big fat center who don’t have thousands of attendees and sprawling TV ministries. They aren’t famous and nobody ever asks their pastor to teach “How I Did It” seminars. But the pastor and people show up every week and worship and study and serve each other and love their community. Good for you! I wish more of my students wanted to go to ordinary churches.”

It’s a short and good read. Check it out.