Reviving a clogged up HP Inkjet 78 color cartridge

My most recent Ebay adventure gets mixed results. I needed a color cartridge for my HP printer and wanted a new one rather than just having the old one refilled. The Walmart price is around $35 so I decided to check out Ebay. I found a seller with a good reputation with a “new, unopened one” for $13.50 including shipping and decided to give it a chance. They did indicate that the date of manufacture was 3 years ago.

When I got the cartridge, it appeared to be as described and in the original sealed box. When I put it in the printer though, it would only print in magenta — nothing else.

I guessed that the inkjets were clogged up with dried ink so I put a quarter inch of hot water in a cup and put the cartridge in it. After awhile I lightly wiped the print head across an absorbent paper towel.

I did that four or five times and finally started seeing some yellow. However, the blue just plain didn’t want to work. There are some fill holes at the top for each color, so I put my finger over the blue one to be sure it was sealed up tight and squeezed the cartridge. Finally saw a drop of blue on the print head.

Back in the water again then into the printer. I ran it through the cleaning cycle once again and this time it printed correctly.

Was it worth all that to save $16? Probably not, but it makes me feel like a success anyway!