God bless church treasurers

This month is clergy appreciation month and I am humbly grateful of the nice things my congregation is doing to make me feel truly appreciated.

For the past hour I have been trying to balance my checkbook. Most of the time, since I don’t have to please anyone but myself, and since I think my bank does a better job keeping track of my money than I do, when there is a difference, I note the amount in the checkbook (plus or minus). Then, if that amount is still there the next month I adjust the checkbook accordingly and that’s it.

This month, the difference was a larger amount and, since it was in the minus column on my side, I thought I had better figure out what was going on.

I went through the math first. With the help of a quickly done spreadsheet, I found a simple math error, but it still didn’t bring me into balance. Then, I found where I had the math right, but had written in the wrong number in the first place! But still not in balance.

Finally, I noted that the difference was exactly the same amount as one of the checks I hadn’t marked as cleared — I simply missed it.

Ah, the bliss of a balanced check book.

As I thought about my adventures in accounting I thought about our own church treasurer who I happen to know worked a good part of the day on Saturday in preparation for our church board meeting. I also thought of other treasurers I know who have served well and without complaint.

I’m being “appreciated” this month but I am well aware that there are volunteers, like church treasurers, who do a lot of hard work in the background, sometimes searching for the lost coin as the woman did in the parable!

Thanks treasurers!