Sabbatical Journey #21

Sunday afternoon turned into a real blessing. We met Susan, Scott, Cherie, Matthew, and Sarah at Gringos to celebrate our return home and also to celebrate Scott’s birthday. It was special to return and have as our first “we’re back” activity a get together with our family. I can’t think of a better way to come back to real life than that! We spent over an hour just being together and catching up before making our final 15 miles to home.

One thing that always comes to mind on a long trip is that something might have gone wrong with the house, etc. Well, no worries on this one. Everything was just great. son Scott had even mowed the lawn. My original plan was to park the camper on the lawn for a few days while we unloaded. However, once we got started the unloading went faster than expected. Really, it doesn’t take much more stuff to go out for three days than it does to go out for three weeks. Within three hours the camper was cleared out and ready to be parked in its accustomed spot. I moved it and then unhooked once more. I must admit to some sadness as I removed the hitch and extended mirrors from the pickup. That was something I hadn’t done for over three weeks and it had a sense of finality to it. Officially, I am not back to work for the rest of the week, but emotionally, I’m home.

All the photos from this trip are here.

Sabbatical Journey #18

We picked a pretty spot at Paul B Johnson State Park, but didn’t realize we were right beside a fishing pier and swim area. There was a constant flow of kids walking right by our camper. I could have hooked up and moved to another spot, there were plenty. However, we aren’t into swimming and fishing, so after enjoying the lake yesterday afternoon and evening, we decided to relocate to south central Louisiana. My original destination turned out to be a bit of a dud. It was one of those “parking lot” RV parks snuggled right up against the freeway. We made a quick decision to move a bit off the beaten track and try one of the RV parks in the Abbeville area. We ended up in another parking lot, but at least not in a huge field of campsites. This is a small, 14 unit spot that only has five or six campers in it right now. We’re under a huge oak tree off to one side, by the main entrance. We’ve come a long way down the ladder since we were backed into a spot next to a beautiful mountain stream, but it’s not bad as a landing place for a couple of nights while we rest, look around, and gather ourselves for a return to reality.

We drove over to Avery Island and checked out the Tabasco plant there. Sadly, the factory wasn’t in operation today, but we did the walk through and watched the video anyway. There is a Tabasco store there that is very neat. There are lots of free samples to try and lots of products, ranging from sauce to coffee mugs to tee shirts and caps. We opted out of the wildlife tour as it was getting pretty hot by then. Instead we headed up to Lafayette to the mall. The traffic was pretty bad around the city and it really wasn’t worth the trouble to get to the mall. However, we went to a local po-boy restaurant for lunch. It was real good. After a bit of shopping we headed back to our campsite for an afternoon of reading and watching a real old movie on TV.

We leave tomorrow for Texas. We’ll drive around 200 miles which will bring us to Port Bolivar and another RV park. I have no doubt that it will be another hot spot, but we’ll enjoy the beach for our last night out. One small advantage is that this RV spot will be in actual driving distance from home for a quick get-away sometime in the future. On Sunday we’ll go to church somewhere, then hook up and take the ferry into Galveston and then on home.

All the photos from this trip are here.