Monthly Archives: March 2009

Windows Mobile 6.1 – broken “to do” task list

I recently upgraded to a new Smartphone that has Windows Mobile 6.1 on it. It’s a neat little phone and I do use the PDA side of it a lot. I like having my Outlook calendar, contacts, etc. with me all the time. I also keep certain files in sync between my desktop and my Smartphone. Once I imported everything to the new phone, I was surprised to see that my “to do” list had every single future event listed. In Outlook, I have the task list set up to only show current tasks. Apparently, Mobile 6.1 thinks that even a task that isn’t scheduled to start for 2 years yet is “current.” That’s just plain dumb and it makes the task list on the smartphone much harder to use. I tried some third party stuff, but none of them worked with the simplicity of the Outlook task list. I also found several places on the internet where others are complaining about this new “feature.” Apparently, Microsoft is “working on it.” Isn’t that strange! It worked fine since the beginning of Windows Mobile but now they can’t figure out how to fix it!

So, after using Outlook+Windows Mobile+ActiveSync for years, I’ve gone looking for a replacement. My solution isn’t perfect but here’s what I ended up doing.

I use Gmail for all my email so I’m on that webpage all the time anyway (actually, I never close it). After fooling with Gmail’s own task plugin, I opted to go with Remember the Milk plus their Gmail plug in. I put all my task list items there rather than in Outlook.

The only drawbacks are: I don’t have access to my tasks unless I am on Gmail and I don’t have them in my Smartphone anymore.

A few years ago, I decided Gmail worked better for me for email than Outlook did. Now, I’ve decided that Gmail+RTM works better than Outlook for the “to do” list. All I have left on Outlook is contacts and calendar, both of which still work better for me in an office environment than Google’s offerings.

However, if Microsoft keeps messing around, I may be cutting yet another of my ties with them soon.