Monthly Archives: December 2009

Back to Firefox – mostly

I’m a long time, dedicated user of the Firefox web browser.  I like the ability to use Add-ons that let me customize the web browser to my tastes.  Lately, though, I’ve been managing a website that is javascript heavy and Firefox seems to get bogged down in it all.  I’ve played with Chrome before, but without certain key extensions it just wasn’t worth the trouble.  When Google released Chrome with extension capability I decided to give it another whirl.

I do think it handles the website I mentioned better, and there are plenty of new extensions that can be used to customize the Chrome experience.

However, I miss some Firefox features.  For instance, other websites I work with need FTP treatment.  FireFTP is wonderfully handy for that.  Chrome, as of this writing has nothing in the same league.  Chrome will let me “pin” a tab, but Firefox’s Tab Mix Plus will let me “freeze” it.  I use that add-on all the time.  There’s another add-on that offers me Split Panes – something I don’t use often, but when I need it I really need it.

Anyway, I have Chrome all set up with Xmarks and LastPass so moving back and forth between Firefox and Chrome is fairly painless.  For the time being, I’m back “home” on Firefox, but using Chrome when I have some serious work to do on the above mentioned javascript heavy website I manage.

Automatically backing up files

I had a minor disaster this morning.  I was disappointed to find that I’d accidentally dumped 28 devotionals I’ve written from the Book of Matthew.  I haven’t published any of my NT work, so I lost a month’s work.  Needless to say, it was a real downer to me.

That caused me to look into some kind of automatic back up solution.  I needed some kind of backup approach to these files that would happen automatically, I wanted it to be easy to set up, I wanted it to keep incremental backups, and I wanted it to (ah-hem) be FREE.  The answer was Dropbox.

First, I downloaded, installed, and created an account with Dropbox.  It creates a new folder in My Documents.  Anything put in that folder is automatically backed up to their secure server.  Up to 2 Gigs is free – that’s more than enough for my text only back up needs.

Second, I moved the folders I wanted to keep automatically backed up into the new “My Dropbox” folder. A visit to the Droplink website confirmed that the folders now existed in my Dropbox account.

Third, I installed the Dropbox program on my second computer. Once I did that, the files I had already put in the Dropbox folder on the first computer appeared on the second computer. From now on, if I change one of those files on one computer, they are automatically synced on the other computer. Not only that, but Dropbox is keeping incremental backups of those files. If I mess up like I did this morning, I can go to the Drobox website and recover those files!

Hopefully, this is the last time I’ll ruin my morning by discovering that I’ve overwritten my work!

PS: If you use this link to sign up for DropBox they’ll give me even more free storage.