Google search doesn’t seem to like Google Sites

This is so weird…

For years I’ve written a daily devotional, working my way through the Bible.  I’ve actually completed the O.T. and have now gone back to the beginning, editing and updating and adding devotionals.

Anyway, for a long time I had a “regular” website on a server.  I post the individual devotionals to my account, but as I complete devotionals on books of the Bible I publish them as a whole to my website.  I track traffic to both “versions” of the devotionals and the nazareneblogs one get’s more hits than do the “book version” one at

A few months ago I decided to just move my personal site (including the devotionals) to Google Sites.  The site is easy to set up and maintain and it looks good.

However, my traffic from Google searches dropped to almost zero!  At first I thought it had to do with DNS, etc. so I waited a few weeks to see if traffic would come back up.  It never did.

Finally, I went back to a regular website.  It took about 3 days for me to start seeing traffic again, but after less than a month I was again getting hits to the site like I did before.

It seems strange that Google takes web sites it is hosting less seriously than those it doesn’t host, but that seems to be the case.

At the Pearly Gates

On this day there happens to be a backlog at the Pearly Gates. Nothing major, but there’s a line of several hundred people waiting to be processed in.

Once in awhile, there’s a great cheer from those who are close to the front of the line. The folks in the back are not only anxious for their turn to be admitted into heaven, but they are also curious as to what the cheering is about.

The line moves forward and there’s more cheering. “What are they cheering about?” those farther back ask.

Now, they’ve moved forward and there’s a great cheer by those just in front of them. Someone asks the one in front of them, “Did you hear why they’re cheering?”

“Yes,” she says, “Saint Peter says that Sunday nights don’t count.”

“Yeaaaaaa!” the group cheers.