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Christian or Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim?

I’ve traveled enough to know that there are many good places to live on the face of the earth. I’m glad I’m an American and I love my country but I don’t automatically nod my head when someone says America is the best country on the face of the earth. While I’d personally rather live here than anywhere else, I’ve seen enough to know that other people also have plenty of reasons to prefer their country over others. To a great extent it all comes down to the fact that I was born here. This is “my country” and for me, it’s the best place to live on the planet.

Today, I found myself thinking about the fact that I was born into a Christian family. Some of my earliest memories are associated with church services. Even more specific than that, I’ve been a part of the Church of the Nazarene all my life. Once someone asked me why I was a Nazarene. My answer was a mixture of humor and truth: I’m a Nazarene because I don’t know any better.

Still, as I combine my thoughts about my country and my religion I can’t help but wonder what my religious views would be had I been born in India or Thailand or Pakistan . Would I just as confidently be a Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim?

Frankly, I don’t have a good answer to that question because I’ve never been any of the above. I’m left with this: my religion, which is actually more of a “relationship” than it is a religion, satisfies my life. I’ve never been tempted to try out the others because what I have satisfies my life completely.

Sometimes, after a meal, I might say, “I don’t know what I want, but I’m not satisfied, there’s something missing.” When I apply that “feeling of want” spiritually I can say that the only thing I want is more of what I have. Nothing else appeals to me.

If you’re reading this today because you’re seeking here’s what I have for you: I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ, making him my Lord and Savior. That relationship is the most satisfying thing in my life. Nothing else calls to me. Can you say that about your spiritual life?

Laptop touchpad disable

I diddled and diddled with the settings for the touchpad on my laptop but it was driving me crazy.  I’d be typing along and look at the screen to find that the cursor had jumped to some other part of the document while I was typing.  I’d have to stop and fix the document before continuing.  Apparently, the heel of my left hand was brushing the touchpad while I typed and the computer was interpreting it as a tap, moving the cursor to wherever the pointer happened to be at that moment.

I think some computers come with a setting for disabling the touchpad while typing, but mine doesn’t.  The solution, for me is a free utility from Paradisoft called “Touchpad Locker.”  This little utility has a few settings, but I’ve been happy with it “out of the box.”  When I’m typing it disables the touchpad for 750 milliseconds.  That number can be adjusted, but it works fine for me right there.

UPDATE: I decided to up the lock out a bit, but when I did, it didn’t make any difference. I made it a ridiculously high number and still no change that I could tell. Then, when I rebooted, my ridiculously high number kicked in. Apparently, changes aren’t applied until a reboot.

Check it out at: