Monthly Archives: October 2010

Pastor Appreciation – take the day off!

Last Sunday we were informed that, in observance of Pastor Appreciation that the service the next Sunday will be lay led. Every aspect of the service will be handled by our lay people and then the Sunday sermon will be delivered by our assistant pastor. Following the service we’re going to be taken to a nice restaurant for a meal.

As you can guess that freed up my sermon preparation day (I made hospital visits instead). It’s nice being appreciated. It’s quite humbling as well.

“Concerned” or just Astroturfing?

David J. Felter has a thoughtful piece on “concerned” attacks on the internet…

He says in part:
“you don’t have to have proof, nor do you have to submit to the scrutiny of vetting or fact verification in order to unleash a web-based attack on an individual or entity. All you need is a keyboard connected to the Internet.”

It’s a good article. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, focus on the second half.