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Printing Mailing Labels from Google Contacts with Word 2010

I’ve written about this before, but I think I have an approach that uses less steps.  Once it’s set up, it’s just a three step process

  1. Go to your contacts list online – export the mail list to Google.csv format – save to the desktop
  2. Open Word, Mailings, Start Mail Merge, Labels (pick the correct label)
  3. Select Receipents, Use Existing List, Pick the Google.csv file you downloaded, Comma Separators
    • These steps only need to be done the first time
    • Insert Merge Field: Name – (on the next line): Address_1__Formatted
    • Click on Update Labels
    • Save this document — you’ll just reload it next time and skip all this first time stuff
  4. Click on Finish and Merge – Edit individual Documents – select all
  5. Check out the results, print when ready

Exporting a Google Calendar for a nicer print job — *UPDATED*

I’ve been working on exporting a Google Calendar so it can be printed. I know Google Calendar has a print option, but the results are anything but satisfactory. The events are truncated and the font is pitifully small. Also, it’s impossible to format items.

Anyway, here’s my work around solution. (This an update to this post)

1. Download and install Mozilla Sunbird. (note: Sunbird is no longer being updated, but you can still download it here.
2. Go to your Google Calendar…under “My Calendars” click on settings
3. In the calendar settings, get the ical “private address”
4. Open Mozilla Sunbird — select “File, Subscribe to Remote Calendar”
5. Enter the private address – the Sunbird Calendar will now populate with the Google Calendar Data – enter your username and password when prompted (note: edits you make will now be automatically changed on your Google Calendar – it’s two way – if you don’t want this right click on the calendar name on the left, properties, mark it “read only”)
6. Click on View, then select month
7. Edit the events to suit
8. Click on File, Page Setup, switch to landscape
9. Click on Print, insert a title if you want, change to the monthly grid layout
10. Print it

You now have a nicer looking printed calendar than you have if you print directly from Google Calendar.

Note: If all this sounds too complicated check out my post on WinCalendar.

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Inserting a Google Calendar in a WordPress Blog

There are other ways to do this, but this is, I think one of the best.  The result is a page on your WordPress website with a full sized Google Calendar.  You’ll find he instructions here: