Monthly Archives: October 2011

Adventures in Social Networking

So…forums, blogging, facebooking, tweeting, google plussing.  Too many irons in the fire, too many websites to visit, too much background noise.  Time to simplify. 
Google+ is promising but hasn’t yet caught on.  I tired some add-ins that brought Twitter and Facebook feeds into Google+.  Doing that, I ended up with a dissatisfying experience with all three.  It helped me realize one thing though: many of those I was following on Twitter are also posting to Facebook.  I decided to try moving all those connects off of Twitter and over onto Facebook.  Once that was complete I realized I only had a few Twitter follows left and none of them were all that significant to me so I removed those follows. 
From now on, my writing efforts will autopost to Twitter, and I’ll get emails of comments, new follows, etc. but I’m not going to check Twitter because I’m not actually following anyone.
I use Gmail and I’m keeping Google+ alive so if anything happens there, I see the notification at the top of any Google page.  Again, though, I’m not paying any more attention to Google+ aside from that.  Maybe someday it will be worth my while, but not now.

I’m keeping the forum activity up because I find forum discussions much more satisfying than Facebook ones, but, for now, all the other eggs are in the Facebook basket. 

Now, the problem with Facebook is that it’s too busy.  Here’s my solution.  I created some lists and made them favorites.  For instance, I now have a RV-ing list.  I put all my former Twitter follows on that topic into that list.  I created another for News and put a bunch of news sites into that list.  These and several others are in the Favorites section of the left Facebook column.  When something new is added, there’s a number next to that list – so I know something has been posted.
I haven’t tried to divide up my friends, although that may be the topic for another entry here.

Anyway, that’s my current approach.  Anybody have any suggestions for something better?