Monthly Archives: December 2011

Conversation with my Android Phone

I’m sitting at a light, about 4 cars back and decide to call home.

My Android is mounted on the dash, so I reach out and punch the “voice command” icon. At that point, I find myself in a conversation, not with home, but with the phone.

“Please state your command,” it says.

“Call home,” I command in a clear voice. After all, I’m not interested in calling Nome or somewhere else.

“Did you say ‘call home’?” she (a very business like woman’s voice) asks.

“Yes,” I respond.

She asks, “From which location?” I forgot that I have an alternate home number in there. 

“Home 1,” is my reply.

“Next time, say, ‘call Home 1,” she patiently instructs me. Then, “Calling.”

And, finally, the light has changed and, since there is no answer, I drive along wondering if my phone and I can have any other instructive, for me, conversations.