Monthly Archives: January 2012

Adventures with garage door openers – and reading the instructions

Our garage door opener bit the dust a couple of months ago so we had to bite the bullet (okay, that’s the end of my Western metaphors) and have a new one installed. The new unit did the job and all was well in the garage door opening world. Then, I think it was after a power outage, the door started acting strangely. When one pressed the “close it” button it would start to close, but almost immediately reverse and then stop, the little led light on the unit blinking madly.

I got out the manual that came with the opener and looked through the troubleshooting section and concluded that the “up” setting had been lost and that the fix was simply pushing the proper button on the unit when the door was where I wanted it to stop.

But the silly thing just wouldn’t set. I now understood that when the door opened it was opening too far and hitting the “don’t even think of opening any farther” bolt. Again and again I tried to punch the button that would tell the door, “okay, that’s far enough, you can stop now.” The door continued to ignored me; running past my stop sign and banging into the bolt again.

I tried punching that little button again and again. I tried punching it harder and harder. And, finally, I tried calling the customer support number I found on the internet.

The fellow was friendly enough. He took all my information and then said, “Now, let’s set the travel limit on the door.” I thought, “that’s what you think.” Then he said, “I want you to hold the button down for 5 seconds.” I thought, “Five seconds?”

Problem fixed.

I was somewhat chastised that this fellow instantly fixed my door for me so I didn’t say anything except “thank you” but I thought, “Why didn’t they just put that in the manual?”

So I got the manual and looked through it again. There it was: “Hold the button down for five seconds.” I got my pen out and underlined it for future reference and to guard against a repeat of this entire scenario.

I wonder if I’m ever guilty of dealing with the Lord like this? Do I ignore his instructions for living and then complain that life isn’t working very well for me?

I know that every question of life isn’t answered in the Bible – but I also know that the most important ones are. In fact, I might be surprised by just how much practical instruction I can find – how many answers there are to the questions I’ve been asking. There they are, right where they have been all along. All I had to do was take time to read them.