Monthly Archives: August 2012

God sometimes colors outside the lines

One of our challenges as God’s people is to know what we believe and why, yet at the same time, allow God to work in ways that, to us, color outside the lines. We aren’t saved by believing all the right things — we’re saved by grace. In the OT story of Jonah he knows for sure that the people of Nineveh are bad people, enemies of God’s people. He doesn’t want to go and warn them of judgment to come because he fears they will repent and escape that judgment. He knows God isn’t like him – that God is compassionate and forgiving…and all Jonah wants is to see Nineveh destroyed.

We can arrive at an understanding of the basics of Christianity and pretty much agree that some things are outside of our faith. We can condemn some beliefs as out and out heretical – and do so for all the right reasons. One result is that we believe we are mandated to take the real gospel to those in that “Nineveh.”

At the same time – and here’s the challenge – we have to remember that believing all the right things is, for some reason, more important to us than it is to God. By his grace he colors outside the lines, accepting people who are on a journey and a long way from arriving at the “right” destination.

I’m glad for God’s grace to me. Sometimes, I’m a bit uncomfortable with his grace to you.

Inserting material from Google Docs into WordPress

So here’s the scenario:
1. You have a WordPress site
2. You have a Google Account, including Google Drive
3. On your site, you have a page you want to allow someone who doesn’t know a thing about WordPress much less html to edit

Try this….

On Google Drive
1. Create a Google Doc that will contain the material you want to appear on that page of your site
2. Click on file, share and enter your WordPress clueless friend’s email address – they will now be able to edit the document
3. Click on file, publish to web and say okay – grab the embed code

On WordPress
1. Create/edit the page where you want the Google Doc inserted
2. Using the html view paste the embed code at the place where you want the Google Doc material inserted
3. You’ll probably want to add a couple of iframe attributes like width=”100%” height=”1000″ align=”top” (height is a bit of a wildcard – you may have to toy with it to make the number high enough to get all the material, but not so high that it makes the page super long)

Having done all that, you are ready to start publishing the material from your Google Doc into the WordPress site – your helper has no access to the menus or other material on the page or other page features, only to the portion of the page you want them to edit.