Monthly Archives: November 2014

How old is your computer mouse?

Last year my computer mouse died.  I decided to get get a cheap one to replace it.  If the replacement didn’t work out I would get more serious about finding another one later on.  The cheapo worked and in time I got used to it.  The other day, though, it began to show signs of wearing out.  I decided I was ready for another one – in fact, I would get a Bluetooth mouse to free up a needed USB port.  A quick trip to the store and I had my new model.  It cost more that the cheapo but it’s still nothing close to a high end product.  The difference though, is surprising.  I didn’t realize just how worn out the old mouse was until I started using the new one.  It has a more solid feel and is more responsive.  Sometimes a piece of equipment is wearing out but since we use it all the time we adjust to the poorer performance without realizing it.  Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to upgrade this heavily used piece of computer gear.