Book review: “Common Ground” by Keith Drury

I’ve just finished Keith Drury’s “Common Ground – What All Christians Believe and Why it Matters.”

The book consists of 10 page essays on the elements of the Apostle’s Creed. Since the earliest days of Christianity the Apostle’s Creed has stated the faith of the followers of Jesus. Drury takes each phrase of this ancient creed and helps us understand why it is included in this crucial statement of faith.

The book isn’t long and is easy to read. At times the prose is absolutely beautiful and reads like poetry. The chapter on “Jesus Christ” is very good. Also, the chapter on “Forgiveness of sins” blessed my heart.

Drury includes considerable church history in his essays, helping us understand how the Church arrived at each particular statement in the creed.

Even a life time “low churcher” like me comes away with a fresh appreciation for this ancient creed which has been a part of Christianity from it’s first baby steps.

3 responses to “Book review: “Common Ground” by Keith Drury

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful review Scott. Always good to read your writing.

  2. paul whitaker

    Pastor Scott, I would love to be in your church. Your spirit, alone, would compel me.


  3. Thanks to you, Keith. I'm a real fan of your work.

    Also, thanks Paul. Honestly, I do better in writing than I do in person. Still, your compliment is a real encouragement to me today.

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