Clothes Gluttons

Originally posted 9-3-05

I started off the day thinking of how I needed to make a financial donation to a relief organization.

Then, I heard for sure that people were coming to the Astrodome, just 40 minutes from me and I wondered if our area Nazarene churches could put together packages of hygiene items for those being moved to the Astrodome.

Then I got a call that our motels had several New Orleans families in them and that there was going to be a community meeting about it.

While at the meeting I met two New Orleans families who heard about the meeting and showed up. Looking at their precious baby and being told by a lady that she was concerned about renewing a prescription she needs made it all seem very personal.

Someone had been so kind as to put out cookies for our meeting, and so far as I know they were untouched. I went and got the plate and offered it to them. A little girl was sure happy to see the cookies. And they thanked me for offering them cookies that I had nothing to do with.

In the final view, this is all personal. Each person, individually, has needs.

Then I got to thinking that is what living the Christian life is all about. I have something good to share with people, and what I have to give has cost me nothing, but cost Christ everything.

It has been a humbling afternoon.

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