Friday night at Nazarene General Assembly

The crowd is considerably larger than it has been the previous two nights.  I’d say that there are at least 30% more people here.  Once again the music was top notch.  I don’t know any of the songs (well, I knew the verse of Amazing Grace) so I’m a spectator to the music rather than a participant.  I couldn’t sing anyway because my voice is quite tired from spending time at the NazNet booth most of the day.

The big cross from last night is off to the right with a red spotlight on it.  On the right of the stage there’s a huge children’s choir, all wearing white.  It was neat seeing them participate in the service.

All the children reminds me of the many families I’ve seen here.  They are everywhere.  Also, I love seeing all the young adults who are in attendance.  Honestly, the Church looks young and energetic.

I’ve decided I’m not cut out to attend a mega church.  I’m just too distracted by the big show (not that anyone is putting on a show – from what I can tell everyone is sincere and capable) to concentrate and worship.  There are too many things to look at: babies, grandpas and grandmas, technology, and internationals wearing their unique styles.

Of course, it may just be that after 36 years of being the one up front that I’ve forgotten how to be ministered to.  Note: I’m not asking to get up front of this crowd.  I’m impressed by people who can minister in these conditions.

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