In God

I’ve been rereading Richard Foster’s “Freedom of Simplicity” and, while I won’t burden him with this thought, I will credit him with having sparked it. Foster talks about the “Divine Center” and describes how everything in our lives must be oriented toward that Center. Otherwise, he says, all the elements of our lives will vie for dominance and our lives will be filled with indecision and struggle. This struggle isn’t so much a battle between good and evil. Instead, it is a struggle between good and best.

Foster calls us to surrender all there is about us to God, and thus, put him at the Center of our lives. When we do that, all the “good” things are properly aligned with His purposes for us.

As a believer in a deeper work of God that enables us to walk in the Spirit I love the picture here of my Centering on the Lord. We tend to express our Christianity from the “me” point of view: “Come into my heart, Lord Jesus” and “Come in and be Lord of my life.” Actually, it might be better for us to think less about Jesus coming into us as our coming into Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t want to make me into a better person. He wants to make me into new a new person. That doesn’t happen by his giving me a spiritual tune up or even by his moving into the mess that is my life. It happens when I surrender self to him and begin, by his grace, to live a life that is in orbit around that “Divine Center.”

I think this is a terrific view of entire sanctification. I surrender all rights to myself and, instead of thinking it is all about me, I move into the Lord, immersed in his purposes for me.

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