Nazarene General Assembly 2009 wrap up

I said in my previous entry that I’d probably have more to say about Nazarene General Assembly in Orlando.  Know what?  I don’t.  I find that, in itself, rather interesting.  In the weeks leading up to the event I found myself thinking more and more about what might happen.  Someone posted all the resolutions to their blog and I read every one of them and decided whether I was for or against them.  While I was actually in Orlando I enjoyed all the fellowship and the good worship services.  I also chatted with folks about what might happen once the delegates actually went to work.  I found the election of the three new GS’s quite interesting and when I got home I told my friends about it.

Then real life reappeared.  We immediately had a wedding to attend and then Vacation Bible School began.  Now, we’re looking forward to vacation time.  The responsibilities and joys of everyday life have taken over and GA seems less important than before.

Maybe, after 2013 and the Internationalization movement is acted upon I’ll feel different about it all, but for now, I’m reminded that the “big” deal is what happens out here in ordinary life.  The Church that matters is the one I’m part of.  Ultimately, the decisions our family will make about our own concerns, rather than the results of voting at General Assembly, are the ones that will matter the most to me.

I love Nazarene General Assembly.  In fact, I haven’t missed one in over 30 years.  But know what?  It isn’t all that big a deal when “real life” is factored in.

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  1. So true! After we got back to Oklahoma the busy-ness of every day ministry got a large chunk of time. But I have resolved this time to stay focused on the monumental things that will happen in the next 4 years. It is quite possible that the largest part of our Nazarene Manual will be completely rewritten. Let's be sure that we in the US say our part. I agree that the Church must become a true international church. I urge everyone to try to avoid swinging too far in that direction. Let's make something that is good for the global church, and good for USA/Canada also.

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