Pastor Appreciation – why some churches don’t do it

I’ve been thinking about why churches fail to honor their pastor during pastor appreciation month. I can think these possibilities:
1. In denominational churches at least, the district, etc. needs to contact church board secretaries prior to October, possibly with examples and suggestions, encouraging them to see to it that the pastor is honored. Then in November, they should be contacted again, asking them what their church did.  If the church leadership isn’t being encouraged to honor their pastor by someone with authority, it may never happen.
2. I have the idea that church leaders who listen to Christian radio are more likely to honor their pastor during this time. Most Christian radio stations make a big deal out of it. If church leaders don’t listen to these stations (and I’m not saying they should), they won’t be influenced to take action.
3. Many churches are so pastor-centric that nothing much happens unless the pastor is either leading it or at least approving it. (I had a women’s council one time that was amazed that I didn’t attend their meetings – all previous pastors had attended.) In the case of pastor appreciation, it doesn’t happen because the pastor isn’t in a position to organize it like he/she organizes everything else.
Just some passing late October thoughts.

1 thought on “Pastor Appreciation – why some churches don’t do it

  1. Scott I agree particularly with #3. Our district does an adequate job of encouraging our churches to appreciate our pastors. (I even remebered to send our DS a pastor appreciation card.) The problem in many smaller churches is that most ministry is dependent upon the pastor to initiate and or find leadership to make it happen. When it comes o recognizing people the pastor is in a difficult spot. He may organize appreciation for others but is not able to do the same for himself. I have pastored for 35 years. Some churches are better at recognizing those who serve and others simply want to be served.

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