Sabbatical Journey #15

Sunday morning we headed into Townsend, TN for church. We spotted a Baptist church up on a hill with a large cemetery and decided to visit there. It was a good service. There were patriotic songs in observance of Memorial Day, but then the choir sang a worshipful song and the pastor brought a solid salvation message about Jesus being the Living Water. Of the three churches we have visited thus far, this one was the most satisfying to me. There was a freedom and genuine flavor to the service that made me feel at home.

After church we returned back to the park via a longer scenic route. We drove up to Tremont Institute and then took the trail up to the Spruce Flats Falls they told us about. The trail was just a mile, but it was rougher than we expected, with scrambling over rocks and roots. Once we got to the falls it was truly beautiful. By the time we got back to the pickup we were ready to call it a day. Since this is a holiday weekend the park is packed. We had to wait through a traffic jam just to be back to the campground. Since it is full, things are pretty much the same here with lots of noise from kids playing. I have no complaints about that because it is happy noise.

All the photos from this trip are here.

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