Sabbatical Journey #16

We still have a week to go, but in a sense this was turnaround day. It was with a sense of sadness that we hooked up the camper and drove out of the GSMNP. Leaving that beautiful place is difficult enough, but it also marked our first step toward home.

It was just a small step though. Just south of Chattanooga in Georgia we arrived at Cloudlands State Park. I don’t know how much elevation we gained as we left the town of Trenton and began to climb but I did see the outside temperature drop from 87 down to 79 by the time we got to the park entrance. Cloudlands is a good way to ease one’s way out of the magical Smokies. We gave up an awesome place, but exchanged it for a nicer campground with water and electricity (including a bathhouse with hot showers if we want to use them instead of the camper’s). All the while we are in a deeply wooded, mountain park. We’ll look around more tomorrow, otherwise, we’re going to spend a couple of nights relaxing and maybe, just a little, start looking to reentry into real life.

All the photos from this trip are here.

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