Saturday night at General Assembly

We arrived at the service about 10 minutes late so we missed the early part of the worship service.  What I heard was good, especially a multimedia song about how the Lord takes the broken pieces of our lives and makes something brand new from them.

As we were entering the service my wife looked at me and asked if she looks as tired as I do.  She doesn’t and all I can say is that I look like I feel!  I’ve spent from morning to night here the past four days.  While I’m not especially doing anything difficult, the constant noise and even enjoyable fellowship is somewhat tiring.  Tired or not, I’m having a wonderful time.

I know there’s been some discussion about the evening services that isn’t especially positive.  I’m not Pollyanna, but I think the services have been well structured, of high quality, and bathed in prayer.  While I’m not personally moved by them, I accept the fact that the fault is mine.  My A.D.D. kicks in and I find myself looking around instead of worshiping.  I even, ah-hem, fire up the laptop and do a blog entry rather than abandon myself to worship.

The high point of GA for about everyone is the Sunday morning service and the high point of that service for me is being one of the clergy who serves communion.  I’m looking forward to doing so in the morning.  I may even forsake blogging the service.  However, don’t be shocked if my compulsion to write takes over even there on such hallowed ground.  Had I been with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration rather than volunteering to build shelters, I would have probably offered to document the event by blogging about it.

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