Sunday afternoon at Nazarene General Assembly

Sunday afternoon’s service appears to have less than half the Sunday morning crowd. That’s still a lot of people and it matches the evening services. Okay, I have to do it…I must complain about the sound. First of all, it’s just plain too loud. During the second song we got up and moved way back, seeking a sound level that doesn’t hurt. It’s still so loud as to be distracting, but it’s somewhat bearable back here in the cheap seats. Second, every night there have been situations in which someone started singing a solo without their microphone turned on. Now, in some little church, that kind of stuff happens. Here, I assume someone is getting paid to run the sound. And, okay, in a complicated production like this it might still happen once in awhile, but surely there’s someone on the staff who knows enough about running sound in big events to anticipate what is coming next and punch off the mute button. Once in one service, well, it’s too bad, but every service? We did sing a couple of songs we know. Maybe the official Nazarene stance is that on weeknights it’s okay for the planners to leave the congregation out of the singing, but on Sundays there has to be some songs that everyone can sing. We’re about to see the march of the flags and hear a sermon by Dr. Gunter. This is the final public service of this General Assembly.

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