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Conversation with my Android Phone

I’m sitting at a light, about 4 cars back and decide to call home.

My Android is mounted on the dash, so I reach out and punch the “voice command” icon. At that point, I find myself in a conversation, not with home, but with the phone.

“Please state your command,” it says.

“Call home,” I command in a clear voice. After all, I’m not interested in calling Nome or somewhere else.

“Did you say ‘call home’?” she (a very business like woman’s voice) asks.

“Yes,” I respond.

She asks, “From which location?” I forgot that I have an alternate home number in there. 

“Home 1,” is my reply.

“Next time, say, ‘call Home 1,” she patiently instructs me. Then, “Calling.”

And, finally, the light has changed and, since there is no answer, I drive along wondering if my phone and I can have any other instructive, for me, conversations.

Google Docs – Android – OCR

This video shows how to do a quick and surprisingly accurate OCR with a paper document and even off an iPAD. Using the Android Google Docs app you can take a picture of a document and send it to your Google Docs account. Google Docs will automatically do an OCR on it.

I think this can come in handy in meetings where you are given paper documents that you’d rather have in electronic format. You can also use it to scan in business cards to be added to your address book.

Using your Android as an Internet radio

I enjoy listening to traditional Southern Gospel music and I’ve been pleased to find a nifty option using my Droid X (Android) phone. Here are the key components:
1. An Android Phone (of course!)
2. An unlimited data plan
3. A car radio with an auxiliary in port(or earphones)
4. A cable for connecting the Android to the radio (Radio Shack has ’em)
5. An App such as TuneIn Radio

Using TuneIn Radio, find a station you want to listen to. I’m been enjoying www.allquartetsradio.com — it’s an internet station that plays exclusively Southern Gospel quartets. There are other stations and you can find them easy enough via Google or using TuneIn Radio. If you like a more country gospel mix, you’ll want to check out www.kjic.org – the folks there are some of the finest I’ve ever known.

Start the stream, plug the Android audio to the car radio, and you’re in business. It’s not satellite radio, but then again, you’re using your unlimited data plan so there’s no extra charge.

It works great anywhere you have 3G or better.

Keeping your Android church friendly

You’re sitting in church, enjoying the service.  Then, just as the service reaches a quiet, contemplative moment, your Andriod phone cuts loose with your “Who let the dogs out” ringtone.  Oh man, you’ve forgotten to silence the phone again!  The Android app “Silent Time” will keep regular church attenders from becoming the unwelcome center of attention during the pastoral prayer.  Using the app you can set the phone up to go silent by day and time.  I use the app to schedule silent time during weekly church times and overnight each night.  It’s a popular and free app and one church attending Android users will appreciate.