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Browser automation with iMacros

I’m a fan of iMacros from Iopus.  I use it with Firefox but there are also versions for IE and Chrome.  Basically iMacros will automate web activities.  I use it as part of writing my daily devotional blog, letting iMacros fill in some of the blanks that have to be filled in each time.  I’ve also used it to check the camping reservation system for last minute cancellations when I want to go camping but they have no vacancies.  And, I have an iMacro to check air fares on a future trip I’m planning (saved $30 just the other day)!  Firefox and iMacros work together beautifully. There are professional versions, but I’m happy as a clam with the freeby.  I go to the website, start the recorder and do what I’m there to do.   After that I save it as a bookmark.  The next time, all I have to do is click on the bookmark and watch as the macro navigates it’s way through to it’s conclusion.

Some more robust add-ons aren’t worth the learning curve, but I think this one is and I recommend it to you.