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Coffee Anyone

I like good coffee.

When we were on the Big Island of Hawaii last summer we stopped at a coffee shop/outlet for genuine Kona coffee — one of the best coffees in the world. They had free samples of all their coffees. It was so neat sitting on their patio looking down the the ocean below us — across a huge coffee plantation where the coffee we were drinking had been grown.

A coffee lover’s dream!

At home I drink Community medium roast. Community is a Louisiana based company and they make great coffee.

People know I like good coffee so I usually get coffee as gifts for special occasions. I had 4 bags given me at Christmas. Because of that, I have learned that coffee from Kenya is wonderful, also Pampa Guinea. The best S. American coffee is, I think, Columbian.

Supposedly, Jamican Blue Mountain is the very best coffee in the world — I haven’t had any, but if it is better than Kona and Kenyan coffee it must be fantastic!