Who is God?

God is “I am.” He has always existed and always will exist. He is the Creator of all things – if it exists he made it. He is Almighty God – if it can be done, he can do it. He knows all there is to be known and he sees all there is to see.

God is love. He loves all of his Creation. He seeks a relationship with every person. He is transformational, never leaving lives as he finds them. He is good and his desires for humanity are pure.

God is patient. He is single minded in his purposes, but at the same time he is patient – sometimes working across generations to accomplish those purposes. His purpose is to redeem humankind. Because of that, we was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to bring about that possibility.

God is holy. He is untouched by sin, separate from humanity, and filled with glory. In his holiness he desires that we be a holy people. Still, even the most holy person can only be said to have been “made holy.” Only God IS holy.

All of this we know about God because he has revealed himself to us. We know nothing about him except what he has told us about himself. In and of ourselves, he is unknowable.