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Opening the service with Communion

In our church we generally observe Communion about midway in the worship service or at the conclusion of the service.

However, I’ve just finished re-reading Keith Drury’sThere’s no I in Church” and in the chapter on Communion he suggests sometimes starting the service with Communion.

So today, I did the call to worship and then explained that…
1. We believe Communion is a means of grace and that
2. Since we believe our Lord is present in the Communion, and that,
3. Since we want the presence of the Lord in all the worship service
…we were going to open the service by observing the Lord’s Supper.

We had a blessed Eucharist, and then went right into an enthusiastic worship service. As I began the message I remarked that I had just noticed that I could still taste the grape juice and that reminded me that the Lord was present, indeed, in that place.

I don’t know how meaningful it was for others, but I was blessed by observing the Lord’s Supper at the beginning of worship today and plan on doing it that way again sometime in the future.