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Trying out Firefox 4.0 Beta 7

After fooling with Chrome for a week or two I ended up back on Firefox. Chrome feels faster but it lacks some addons that I really like.

I decided today to install Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 and see what the hype is about.

It has a few new features like a built in sync feature that will keep bookmarks synced, etc. You can now pin tabs like in Chrome and move the tab bar if you want.

Mostly, though, it’s faster. I’ve seen some graphs that show Chrome to still be faster, but I can’t really tell it just by using the browser as I usually use it.

I think Firefox has a winner on it’s hands with Firefox 4.0 and I’m looking forward to seeing it come out of Beta – should be any day now.

Back to Firefox – mostly

I’m a long time, dedicated user of the Firefox web browser.  I like the ability to use Add-ons that let me customize the web browser to my tastes.  Lately, though, I’ve been managing a website that is javascript heavy and Firefox seems to get bogged down in it all.  I’ve played with Chrome before, but without certain key extensions it just wasn’t worth the trouble.  When Google released Chrome with extension capability I decided to give it another whirl.

I do think it handles the website I mentioned better, and there are plenty of new extensions that can be used to customize the Chrome experience.

However, I miss some Firefox features.  For instance, other websites I work with need FTP treatment.  FireFTP is wonderfully handy for that.  Chrome, as of this writing has nothing in the same league.  Chrome will let me “pin” a tab, but Firefox’s Tab Mix Plus will let me “freeze” it.  I use that add-on all the time.  There’s another add-on that offers me Split Panes – something I don’t use often, but when I need it I really need it.

Anyway, I have Chrome all set up with Xmarks and LastPass so moving back and forth between Firefox and Chrome is fairly painless.  For the time being, I’m back “home” on Firefox, but using Chrome when I have some serious work to do on the above mentioned javascript heavy website I manage.

Firefox apostrophe bug – solution!

I had never heard of the Firefox apostrophe bug until I upgraded to Firefox 3. Here’s how it’s supposed to work: if you are browsing a web page and want to find a word on the page you hit the apostrophe and a quick find box appears at the bottom of the screen. If you are typing into a message box the apostrophe is supposed to work as usual. However, for some unknown reason (that’s why it’s a bug!) on some computers on some websites some of the time even when you are typing a message in the apostrophe kicks open the quick find box instead of typing. The only solution is to not use contractions – or to use the IE tab extension when visiting the web sites that bring the bug out.

This bug has been around forever and you’ll find tons of reports of it.

After searching all over the internet I found a website offering an extension called “searchkey” that provides a workaround by changing the hot key to something else. I was disappointed to find that there was not yet a Firefox 3 version. I emailed the author, Paolo, and asked if an updated version was in the works. I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote right back and in a few days he had a Firefox 3 version posted to his website. That first version didn’t work for me and I emailed him the details. He went back to work and, today, he released a real fix.

I sure appreciate his quick response and his excellent fix! Here’s the link to the searchkey download.

Update: Somewhere around 3.01 the bug disappeared for me. I am now running 3.02 and it is fine too.