KJIC, Hearts of Grace, playing bass in Spanish!

Our KJIC Sharathon concluded last night – I was on the air quite a bit through the three days and from past experience, I know I’m not in very good shape for preaching on Sunday morning following that big event. (It went okay but not great).

With all that in mind, we had scheduled a gospel trio from Brazoria, Texas called “Hearts of Grace” to come and do a concert this morning. The Lord came too! The Lord blessed as the trio did a terrific job!

Then, following our English service, the Spanish congregation has their service. A few weeks ago I started staying and playing bass guitar for their song service. They are so kind as to write down the chords for me so I can play. I didn’t know much of what was being sung, but the Spirit of the Lord continued right into that service. Their smaller crowd out-sings and out-praises our English bunch. I was lifted by songs I didn’t even understand.

Right now, I am tired in body but uplifted in spirit! PTL