Continuing through Fenelon’s “Let Go”

“When we come to these valley experiences, when we are deprived of faith and assurance, there is only one thing to do. We must go straight on through the valley, walking with the Shepherd just as we did before we entered that valley.”

“When he was dying, St. Ambrose was asked whether he was not afraid to face God at the judgment. He replied with these unforgettable words, ‘We have a good Master.’ We need to remind ourselves of this.”

Still more from Fenelon’s “Let Go”

“When it comes to accomplishing things for God, you will find that high aspirations, enthusiastic feelings, careful planning and being able to express yourself well are not worth very much. The important thing is absolute surrender to God.”

“In our moments of enjoyment we feel as if we could do anything. And in times of temptation and discouragement, we think we can do nothing. And both ideas are wrong.”

More from Fenelon’s “Let Go”

“When God blesses you remember to keep your eyes on Him and not the blessing.”

“There is time enough tomorrow to think about the things tomorrow will bring. The same God who feeds you today is the very God who will feed you tomorrow.”

“We can learn a lesson from babies. Babies own nothing. They treat diamonds and apples alike. Be a babe. Have nothing on your own. (It all belongs to God anyway!) Forget yourself. Give way on all occasions. Let the smallest be greater than you.”

Francios de Salignac de La Monthe Fenelon

Fenelon was Archbishop of Cambrai in the 1600’s and was spiritual advisor in the Court of Louis the Fourteenth. This was a terribly immortal time and Fenelon’s spiritual guidance was an anchor to those who turned to him for direction. “Let Go” is a small book containing his letters. I imagine I will do more than one blog entry of quotes from this spiritual giant.

“When you receive your cross unwillingly, you will find it to be doubly severe. The resistance within is harder to bear than the cross itself!”

“God loves a cheerful giver…what must be his love for those who, in cheerful and absolute abandonment, give themselves completely to be crucified with Christ.”

“The death of self must be voluntary, and it can only be accomplished as far as you allow.”

“Peace and comfort can be found nowhere except in simple obedience.”

“Evil circumstances are changed into good when they are received with an enduring trust in the love of God, while good circumstances may be changed into evil when we become attached to them through love of self.”

“Oh how we deceive ourselves when we suppose that we are growing in grace because our vain curiosity is being gratified by the enlightenment of our intellect!”

“You asked me for a remedy, that your problems might be sured. You do not need to be cured, you need to be slain…this is the only way to deal with self…the point is not how you are to be sustained and kept alive, but you you are to give up and die.”