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SongShow Plus and PowerPoint

At church we use SongShow Plus and it does a good job for us.  I’d be glad to answer any questions about it if you care to ask.  Several years ago I started doing a PowerPoint presentation with the sermon.  I put the major points and scriptures up on the screen.  Also, we have a fill-in-the-blank sermon outline in the bulletin the “answers” appear on the screen as I preach the sermon.  Several faithfully fill in their outline each week.

I used to put my laptop on a stand by the pulpit so I could see what everyone else was seeing on the big screen behind me, but when we added a very large plasma screen to the back wall of the sanctuary so the praise team could sing without having to have music stands with the words, I decided to take advantage of the system for the sermon too.

SongShow Plus likes PowerPoint okay.  You can make a PPT an event in a program and then run it from within SSP.  You can also import a PPT presentation, converting it to the SSP format.

The main drawback using either method is that it doesn’t handle multi-part slides – if you want to have, say bullet points that appear one at a time you have to put each point on it’s own slide.  Also, because of that you can’t get any fly in effects, etc.

Still, it works pretty good.  I do my sermon in PPT and use a remote to change slides during the sermon.  That way I don’t have to depend on the folks in the media booth to know when to change the slides.  They just click on the PPT sermon, move the mouse to the “next” button on their screen and then stay hands off and let me run the sermon power point.

It works just fine.  One thing I like about adding the PPT to the sermon is that I’m not a great sermon illustrator.  I can find an image that illustrates my point and, as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”