The Battle for the Computer

Last week I commented that I thought I was getting over thinking about the excellence and wisdom my denomination showed in it’s approach to Bible inerrancy and related matters.  My parting shot was that maybe I’d soon follow up with some nice juicy computer problem to write about.

A couple of days later I went to the computer to check my email and had no internet connect.  The interesting thing is that just a few minutes earlier I’d received some new email on the computer.  Now, though, there was no internet.  I rebooted the modem, router, and then the computer.  Still no go.  I called my internet provider and the fellow (I think in India) walked me through the steps I already know.  When he instructed me to bypass the router I was reluctant because it’s hard to get to and, after all, it was all working just fine when the email came in just a bit earlier.  He insisted and I knew that if I wanted to get a trouble ticket going I had to cooperate.  To my surprise, taking the router out of the mix solved the problem.  I fiddled with things a bit longer and then headed out to Office Depot for a new router.  The wireless on this one is supposed to be 6 times faster.  I can’t tell any difference, but the new router fixed the problem.

However, as I was working on bypassing the router the cable I was using wasn’t long enough to reach my desktop.  No problem, I just grabbed my laptop which stays plugged in in the living room next to my favorite chair.  I unplugged it and plugged the modem into it.  As I said, the internet came right up, however, in about 5 minutes the computer started complaining that the battery was dying.   That seemed strange, it had been sitting there plugged in just a few minutes earlier.  A few tests later and I ended up ordering a replacement from Amazon.

Another strange thing happened with the laptop as I was working on the router problem.  I heard the hard drive running and running and running.  I knew what the problem was on that one because I dealt with it a couple of days earlier on the desktop.  No, it wasn’t a virus.  Rather, it was a little utility I run for checking email, Google Wave messages, etc.  There’s a bug or conflict related to it that causes it to go nuts and fill it’s error log file with gigabytes of errors.  I removed it from the desktop but had forgotten to remove it from the laptop.  Once it was removed and I found it’s log file which was buried deep in the file system the disk space problem was solved.

So there you have it.  I “hoped” for a juicy computer problem and ended up with three.

That’s three unless I tell you about my smartphone and Outlook having a fight creating hundreds of duplicate calendar entries.  That was another few hours of computing adventures.

Needless to say I haven’t thought a whole lot about the Battle for the Bible.  Instead, I’ve thought more about the Battle for the Computer

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